Relationship Issues

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Relationship Issues

If you have frequent or extreme conflicts with loved ones, Dr. Kleinman offers numerous mental health treatments at her private practice – Amanda S. Kleinman MD Ltd – in Chicago at One Magnificent Mile. She can help you overcome challenging relationship issues and gain a better understanding of healthy conflict resolution. Schedule an evaluation by phone or online today. 

Relationship Issues Q&A

What are common relationship issues?

Relationship issues may stem from various situations that cause strains in your marriage or other relationships and negatively affect your lifestyle when not addressed.

Common reasons for relationship issues include:

  • Stress 
  • Financial hardships
  • Job loss
  • Poor communication
  • Infidelity
  • Anger management problems
  • Mental health conditions
  • Breakups
  • Divorce 
  • Loss of a loved one
  • Past trauma
  • Certain personality traits

Learning how to effectively communicate and interact with your partner in a healthy way can dramatically improve your relationship and well-being.

Is counseling for relationship issues right for me?

Dr. Kleinman meets with you to determine which forms of psychotherapy or other methods are best suited for your unique situation. She addresses your medical and mental health history, current medications, lifestyle habits, moods, emotions, thoughts, and behaviors, as well as common causes of conflicts in interpersonal relationships. 

What should I expect during treatment for relationship issues?

Dr. Kleinman offers effective treatments for relationship issues. She specializes in psychodynamic psychotherapy and transference-focused psychotherapy (TFP), two forms of talk therapy that help you create and sustain strong interpersonal relationships, whether they’re work-related, platonic, or intimate. 

TFP helps you better understand how you view yourself and others, making room for growth and new ideas about interpersonal relationships. It helps you feel less inhibited about forming new relationships and more confident in maintaining healthy ones.

You would meet weekly for psychodynamic psychotherapy or twice-weekly for TFP with Dr. Kleinman. You might also take medications to manage mental health symptoms that negatively affect relationships.

Am I a candidate for TFP?

TFP is a good option if you are struggling with feelings of dissatisfaction or emptiness in your relationships with friends and loved ones. You may also want to consider TFP if other treatments haven’t provided the success you’ve desired.

TFP provides a greater sense of emotional balance, external connectedness, internal consistency, and overall resilience. You will develop a greater understanding of conflicted feelings and , instincts, while gaining confidence in your capacity to have healthy and fulfilling interactions with others. TFP provides a holistic, grounded perspective of yourself and life in general. 

Psychodynamic psychotherapy might be a good option if you already have a few good relationships, but are looking to improve other, more problematic relationships. It can also help you find greater satisfaction in relationships and enhance your internal sense of well-being.

Schedule an appointment at Amanda S. Kleinman MD Ltd by phone or request one online today to resolve relationship issues and their underlying causes.